Known Records was founded by Dayton Known in the spring of 2006. Known has a deep entertainment heritage in musical arts through one of souls greatest performers James Brown and Sugar “Dap” Willie comedian from the 70’s show Good Times who are his third cousins. Known has decided to protect the art and the purpose of Hip Hop which is to give a voice to the voiceless and empower urban communities through business and economic education. Known Records lives by the slogan “other labels make hit we make classics.”


Known Records is an independent label that is an umbrella to other companies, brands and partnerships. Known Records has a team of dedicated individuals that cover all aspects of the entertainment industry from a recording studio, clothing company, radio station, film crew and new urban magazine. Known Records develops artists with the potential and drive to take their careers to the next level. We have a strong staff of creative minds that operate the recording studio to work alongside of label mates and outside talent looking to book time to for their next project or hit single.


Known Records also has a internet radio station (Known Radio) that caters to upcoming artists and entrepreneurs. This is a perfect outlet to help promote independent artists, businesses, and companies. The radio station is active 7 days a week with songs rotating on auto Dj. Known Radio has numerous talk shows ranging from music, fashion, graffiti, art, politics,and consciousness. Known Radio does lots of outreaching and covers many events from non-profit community activities to the nightlife scene. The “Known Radio” app can be downloaded on a mobile device through google play, itunes & tunein app when you search Known Radio.


Known Records has a film crew (Known Films) with a group of staff members that goals are to bring your vision to life. We specialize in music videos, vlogs, cinematic films. Our company also has a manufacturing department which produces garments through silk screen machines and vinyl press. We manufacture our own artists promotional gear and cd duplication. We have a team that design graphics, website development. We are currently awaiting our magazine (Known Magazine) launch that will be coming soon touching lots of topics in the urban communities. The launch will begin in the tri - state of Philadelphia and slowly spreading worldwide. Known Magazine will be catered to upcoming artists, models, actors, business, and entrepreneurs