Exquisite Voices Biography

"These girls are very beautiful and extremely talented."
-Jacquiebabie, Known Radio talk show host.


Exquisite voices also known as E.V, is a hot female duo group formed in Philadelphia. Sisters and members Rebecca and Sarenna decided in 2013 branch out from their young pop girl group and start making a new name for themselves. With the help of their mother who is also their manager and family to support them , these ladies embarked on their new musical journey together and have been unstoppable ever since! With voices that can range from soprano, alto and falsetto these girls musical range and style has no limits. Their sound is a 90s island flair with a touch of hip-hop and R&B. Their sound appeals to people of all ages, from young teenagers who are falling in love and adults who are going through the struggle of everyday life.


"These girls are about their craft! Always working, always professional and always on point!
- Known, Owner of Known Records and Musician


Currently Exquisite Voices is working on their new EP. Gathering inspiration from their surroundings, experiences, background and other musicians who have inspired them. Growing from their older original songs such as “I Can Be” and “Back to Me”, this EP will have a more island and 90's R&B sound. With this EP you can hear the girls’ growth as artist and as entertainers. To test out some of the EP's new material the duo has been doing shows to promote their music and get feedback on what they've been working on. Recently the girls performed at the official Power House after party hosted by Cardi B, and tested out their first song on the EP called "Touchin You". The song put the crowd on their feet these ladies were excited to see the enjoyment of the crowd when their song played and to hear such positive feedback from other music professionals and put it towards completing their EP!
Rebecca is 21 years old born June 23 1995. Her Latin spice and big ideas is what pushed the duo to do music professionally! Very outspoken and confident in all she says, Rebecca usually takes the lead and is not afraid to let people know that E.V is in the room! Sarenna is 18 years old born January 2 1998. Her calm and composed energy is what keeps the duo leveled! Unlike her sister Sarenna is very quiet, she rather sit back and observe; that is until she steps foot in the booth or on the stage that is where she comes to life! Together this group is the complete package. With beauty, brains and talent beyond compare these girls are a force to be reckoned with!
In such a short time Exquisite Voices accomplished so much. Their first accomplishment was recording music they could stand behind and creating a sound that was their own. Another accomplishment is the opportunity they have to perform in big shows like the Power House after party and opening up for new up and coming rapper PNB Rock. With multiple show cases and plenty of club performances under their belt these girls are known to put on a show!


Artist PNB Rock told this dynamic duo,
“Yall Fleeky!”


After they killed their opening performance for him on March 5th 2016.These young women have experienced so much in their time in the music industry. From leaving their original girl group and dealing with derogatory ideas and remarks from other musical professionals, these girls have used what they've learned over the years to stay firm and true to their beliefs as women in the industry! Exquisite Voices is recognized in the industry for more than a pretty face. These ladies are the triple threat, they sing, write and dance making for an exquisite masterpiece!
In their close future the girls hope to be discovered by a major label and become the biggest thing the industry has yet to see. Until then the girls will continue to practice, create and perfect their craft and always remain prepared for any opportunity.
Exquisite Voices is what the industry needs! Their fresh take on music and work ethic surprises many.
“You guys are smart when it comes to the business, you strategize and plan out your next move, and y’all are true female Bosses!"
-Nine Five North, Radio personality and Musician.
Making their way into everyone's hearts these talented young ladies are sure to leave a lasting impression. With 27,000, views, likes and follows and counting these girls are quickly rising to stardom. With this kind of support the release of their new EP is sure to break barriers and make noise in the industry. These women continue to make a name for themselves by staying classy and educated.
“If there's one thing we could tell our supporters it would be to know your worth, stay smart, be about you and your money don't forget the people who loved and supported you along the way, follow your dreams and always stay exquisite!"

-Exquisite Voices Rebecca and Sarenna