Known was born in Philadelphia, Pa. (Hunting Park section of the city). He is the oldest out of four children, he has two brothers and a sister. Known was inspired by music through his father’s side of the family. His father and uncle were both DJ’s that hosted many house parties and concerts. Known’s grandmother was also an amazing vocalist! She traveled state to state through the United States singing for national troops, so its no wonder why music runs so deep in the blood and veins.

Known continued to carry the torch after his family members; where he found his nitch in writing poems and raps. Known began writing rhymes during his elementary school days where he couldn’t wait to recite his creations to his fellow peers and classmates. Some of Known’s top artist influences were Nas, 2pac, Jay-z, Jadakiss, Biggie Smalls and Big Pun.

Known was given his first double cassette boom box on Christmas at age nine; where he was able to record vocals and after that the rest was history! Known began to cut little demos off other industry beats, perfecting his craft. Known then began auditioning to perform at numerous talent shows and festivals to expose his talent.

In 1999, Known dealt with many issues that were hard for him to cope with including his parents’ separation. He then resulted to the streets for comfort, and music to occupy the other half of his time. He started to express his pain through a musical form.

In 2006, Known Records was established with R&B artist Chino Moy and hip hop artist Bugz Moran who helped Known Records become a brand expanding in the tri-state area through shows, mixtapes and club appearances.

In 2007, Known did his biggest performance during All Star Weekend in Las Vegas presented by ONG. Known performed in front of major celebrities such as P. Diddy, T.I, Young Buck, Dj. Kid Capri, Young Jeezy, Iced-t, Coco etc.. with an attendance of over a thousand people.

In 2011, Known advanced into opening his recording studio where he recorded lots of local and top tier artists of Philadelphia. Known has become a household name in the city of Philadelphia as a artist, producer and engineer.

On August 31, 2013 Known released his first debut album independently called “Known Forever”, which did well locally and marked his stamp as a great solo artist. Known is an entrepreneur, always looking for a way to advance to a greater opportunity, with his smooth delivery, flow, ambition, demeanor and drive. We would like to welcome the world to the next biggest thing to come!!!