Rafijah Siano (born June 26, 1983) A Caribbean versatile Artist,
mastering multiple genre styles with a unique sound.

The way he phrases his intelligent rhymes – turns his voice into an instrument. He started out in elementary school at the age of 12. Words were like counting 1-2-3 and A-B-C spitting lyrics like a burning fire in open field a desire to be heard from reggaeton, soca, calypso, reggae, dancehall, Hip-Hop and Latin Music became a major influence in his career.
He was born on the beautiful island of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands by the name of Rafael Gris. Growing up with an eclectic and diverse musical background it has paved the way for his fresh new sound in both English and Spanish. With his mother, a Puerto Rican native and his father from the Dominican Republic, Naturally his roots were influenced by Spanish upbringing and Spanish being his primary language at home.

At the tender age 14, it was just the beginning of his career. He took the stage by storm, given an opportunity by West Line Productions opening for Lady Saw and
Mad Cobra Concert. With the burning desire for music at age 16 he formed the
Star Lion Family. It consisted of 7 members all from diverse and
different influences and backgrounds.
For many years they were well received by the Virgin Islands as the top Urban Reggae/Dancehall group promoting good, positive music with an electrifying performance.

He has proformed with Mainstream international Reggae artists such as Sizzla Kalonji,
Junior Reid, Junior Kelly, Capelton, Sean Paul, Turbulance, Bunny Wailer, Third
World and many more.

With songs like "Nothing Like Love" and "This World Is Cruel" he has been able to impact the European scene with his live performances.