Randy was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1981 and raised in North Philadelphia. Randy attended a private elementary school called “Broad Street Academy” where he discovered his love for creative and performing arts. He acted in school plays and enrolled in rap contest to cultivate his artistic talents. In 1996 Randy entered into High school with a passion for music that made him very popular amongst his peers. By the time he was a junior in high school he had won several rap contest. His desire for making music a career came in the winter of 1998 when he began recording music in the presence of signed rap artist such as Ram Squad and the Major Figgas. EST from the rap group Three Times Dope who is a lifelong friend inspired Randy to learn the business of marketing & good hooks. By 2001 Randy solidified his rap name as Ran Live to express his illuminating, electrifying and energetic image. Due to multiple run inns with the law, his rap career was put on hold. He felt great pain and joy hearing his childhood friend’s song Everywhere We Go being played on the radio, while he was behind bars knowing he was a part of the group called the Doe Stackas. Upon his release in 2008 Ran recorded a demo for Rockafella that instantly landed him over four thousand fans who are devoted to seeing Ran Live become a super star.